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This website is OPEN for you to make online purchases! Our Studio/ Gallery has been closed to the public since January to prevent contamination by coronavirus. We take the pandemic very seriously. Please enjoy this website and if any of our rare minerals, rocks, stone sculptures, meteorites, healing and metaphysical stones, art, and paintings speak to you, feel free to securely purchase through our Paypal payment portal with your credit card or paypal account.

For any question or inventory checks, email or call us: Email Address: Cell Phone in Cincinnati: Our website is available to make purchases online 24 hours a day!

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We’ve recently sold to customers and collectors from Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton, Middletown, Columbus, Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio We also have customers from Covington, Erlanger, Florence, Newport, Lexington, Frankfort and Lousiville, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Carmel, Brookville and Batesville, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Huntington and Charleston, West Virginia, Los Angeles, New York, Austin. Visit us in our studio gallery by appointment to view our gallery collection for sale! Or buy online at Note: Not all items appear on

Examples of the Fine Minerals, Rocks and Crystals we Sell

Agate, Australian Agate Brazilian Agate, Lake Superior Agate, Kentucky Amethyst Ammolite – Aapoak – Ammonite Art Pieces Aventurine Azurite Cabochon Calcite Carnelian Chrysacolla Chrysacolla Sculptures Chrysoprase Citrine Copper Diamonds, Natural Uncut Fluorite Geodes Gemstones Goldstone Healing Stones and Wands Heart shaped Minerals Hemimorphite Idocrase – Californite – Vesuvianite Jade, Nephrite Jade Sculptures Jasper, Biggs Jasper, Blue Biggs Jasper, Polychromatic Jewelry Lapidary Slabs and Slices Lapis Lazuli Malachite Metaphysical Stones Opal, Australian Opal, Ethiopian Opal, Spencer, Idaho Opal, Guatamala Opal, Mexican Fire Paintings Petrified Wood Pyrite Quartz Crystals Quartz Plates Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Rhodochrosite Ruby in Zoisite Slabs Slices Stone Sculptures Sodalite Tiger Iron Tigers Eye Turquoise Variscite Feel free to browse all our offerings through the dropdown menu at the top of this page.Oversized Pieces: We are lucky to know miners around the world. Occassionally we are able to purchase huge boulders of rare and colorful material. These special pieces are usually one of a kind and may never be available again in the sizes we offer.

Monumental Sculptures of Jade, Chrysocolla with Turquoise veins, Petrified Wood, Rainbow Calcite, Jasper

We selected spectacular Siberian Russian Jade, Chrysocolla, petrified wood stumps, boulders, chunks and slice specimens. We cut and grind them to our designed form, then polish the pieces. They usually end up on custom designed and built stands for ideal display. Our sculptures run large to monumental and can be used as display art and focal points in a room, garden, hardscape, landscape to public display location.Visit our other website to see monumental stone sculptures:

Tell me about Arizona Rainbow & Indonesian Petrified Wood Fossils

Petrified wood comes from ancient fallen trees that over thousands of years has been converted to stone cell by cell. Petrified wood comes in many colors. Here is a list of elements and related color hues appearing in petrified wood:carbon – black cobalt – green/blue chromium – green/blue copper – green/blue hematite – red/pink iron oxides – red, brown, and yellow manganese – pink/orange manganese oxides – blackish/yellow silica – clear/whitePetrified wood can be found in many states and in countries around the world. Arizona petrified wood is famous for it’s high quartz content and brilliant colors. Much of it comes from the Chinle rock formation. This petrified wood is between 220 and 250 million years old, early dinosaur age. This petrified wood can be polished up to a brilliant shine.Our Indonesian petrified wood stump end, side and coffee tables, stools, pedestals and display slabs and slices come from Java Island, Indonesia. The petrified wood on Java Island is about 20 – 25 million years old. This product polishes up but has less quartz in it than the Arizona petrified wood. It’s less variable in color and its polish is less brilliant than Arizona petrified wood.

Tell me about Iron and Stone Chondrite Meteorites

Meteorites are meteors that survive passage through the earth’s atmosphere such that part of the meteors strikes the ground. More than 90 percent of meteorites are of stone, while the remainder consist partly or wholly of iron and nickel. We sell both Iron and Stone Meteorites. Stone meteorites do usually have some iron in them and show some magnetisim just not as much as Iron meteorites.We currently have a wide variety of NWA (North West African) Unclasified Stone meteorites in stock. These are also refered to as Chondites. All sizes available. Iron meteorites come and go from our website, so keep an eye open.

Tell me the difference between a Mineral, a Rock, a Crystal and a Gemstone?

In short, a mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is formed through geological processes. Minerals have a characteristic chemical and physical composition, particularly a highly ordered atomic structure that is normally crystalline. A rock is an aggregate of minerals and does not need to have a specific chemical composition. A crystal is a solid whose atoms are arranged in a ‘highly ordered’ repeating pattern. These patterns are called crystal lattices. If an object has its atoms arranged in one of seven crystal lattice patterns, then that object is a crystal. A gemstone is a highly attractive and valuable piece of cut and polished mineral that is used in jewelry or other decorations. Some rocks such as Lapis Lazuli and organic matter such as Amber also classify as gemstones.Many of our specimens are oversize, large and sometimes huge. This makes them ideal for decorative use by interior designers, landscape and garden architects and collectors of large specimens.

Healing, Spiritual, Chakra and Metaphysical stones

For eons people have utilized the power of healing stones and crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thereby facilitating the free flow of energy in the body. We offer a wide variety stones, crystals and wands.Thanks for visiting our website.

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