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Summer Is The Season For Crystals!

Georarities is the premier shop for quality crystals, minerals, fossils, and meteorites in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and South-Eastern Indiana region. We offer rough, polished, and crystal healing items as well. Shop online or in-person.

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We search the world for the best and most interesting rare and fine minerals, crystals, meteorites, fossils, healing & therapy & metaphysical stones and rocks, as well as Stone Sculptures, oversize rare boulders, geo rocks, paintings, multimedia and art!

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Monumental Sculptures of Jade, Chrysocolla with Turquoise veins, Petrified Wood, Rainbow Calcite, Jasper

We select spectacular Siberian Russian Jade, Chrysocolla, petrified wood stumps, boulders, chunks and slice specimens. We cut and grind them to our designed form, then polish the pieces. They usually end up on custom designed stands for ideal display. Our sculptures run large to monumental and can be used as display art and focal points in a room, garden, hardscape, landscape, to a public display location.Visit our other website to see monumental stone sculptures:

Tell me the difference between a Mineral, a Rock, a Crystal and a Gemstone?

In short, a mineral is a naturally occurring substance that is formed through geological processes. Minerals have a characteristic chemical and physical composition, particularly a highly ordered atomic structure that is normally crystalline. A rock is an aggregate of minerals and does not need to have a specific chemical composition. A crystal is a solid whose atoms are arranged in a ‘highly ordered’ repeating pattern. These patterns are called crystal lattices. If an object has its atoms arranged in one of seven crystal lattice patterns, then that object is a crystal. A gemstone is a highly attractive and valuable piece of cut and polished mineral that is used in jewelry or other decorations. Some rocks such as Lapis Lazuli and organic matter such as Amber also classify as gemstones.Many of our specimens are oversize, large and sometimes huge. This makes them ideal for decorative use by interior designers, landscape and garden architects and collectors of large specimens.

Healing Crystals, Spiritual, Chakra and Metaphysical Stones

For eons people have utilized the power of healing stones and crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thereby facilitating the free flow of energy in the body. We offer a wide variety stones, crystals and wands.Thanks for visiting our website.