Jade - Nephrite

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A revered ornamental mineral, jade can can refer to either of two distinct minerals: nephrite or jadeite. Appearing naturally in yellow, white, grey, black, pink, purple or blue, Jade is most famous for in the color green In the emerald green it is known as imperial jade.

Both jadeite and nephrite incredibly tough and can withstand enormous pressure. Jadeite is close to the same hardness as quarta and nephrite is slightly softer, but neprhite is the tougher of the two. This toughness made it a popular material for tools, weapons, and jewelry and other ornaments going back to neolithic times.

Jade is particularly valued in asian cultures including China, Korea, Burma, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Phillippines, India and Japan. It is found naturally in regions including East and South Asia, Central America, Wyoming, and Canada.

The mineral composition of neprhite is Ca2(MgFe)5Si8O22(OH).

Jade is believed by some to have healing properties including healing one’s Chakra, aiding relaxing at a deep level, and promoting and accelerating the healing process. It is often used for crystal healing or spiritual purposes, or as therapy stones or reiki stones.