Petrified Wood, Fossils

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Showing 1–20 of 55 results

Petrified wood can be found in many states and in countries around the world from Arizona to Indonesia.

The most famous petrified wood comes from Arizona and is famous for it’s high quartz content and brilliant colors. Much of it comes from the Chinle Rock Formation. This petrified wood is between 220 and 250 million years old, early dinosaur age. This petrified wood can be polished up to a brilliant shine.

Petrified wood comes from ancient fallen trees that over thousands of years has been converted to stone cell by cell. Petrified wood comes in many colors. Some varieties of petrified wood are unrelated to any currently living species of tree.

We carry Indonesian petrified wood stump ends, side and coffee tables, stools, pedestals and display slabs, as well as slice from Java Island, Indonesia. The petrified wood on Java Island is about 20 – 25 million years old. This product polishes up but has less quartz in it than the Arizona petrified wood but is no less beautiful. It’s less variable in color and its polish is less brilliant than Arizona petrified wood.

Petrified wood may also include other minerals besides agate such as opal, jasper and chalcedony. Some examples may include the fossilized vascular structure of the tree.

Some believe that petrified wood has spiritual or healing properties including: helping memory, easing joint stiffness, promoting stability during times of stress, and promoting introspection and insight into past events.

Each piece of petrified wood is unique and beautiful in its own way and is ideal for use as a display piece indoors or in your garden. Some of our sculptural pieces include display stands, If you are looking for a specific variety, size, shape please contact us. We also do custom sculptures of this material on a commission basis.