Jasper Fancy

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Fancy Jasper is found all over the world, with large deposits in Africa and Brazil. Jasper is an opaque chalcedony that comes in a wide variety of colors. Fancy jasper is known for its color palette of mauves, lilacs, creams and greens all mixed together. Jasper is an impure silicon dioxide (Silica) with unique patterns formed during mineral consolidation that creates the various types and colors of this stone.

Fancy Jasper is also known as the “Stone of Tranquility”. Fancy Jasper is said to help those who are having trouble focusing and/or concentrating, and to bring calm to overactive emotions, clearing the way for rational ideas to come through. The colors of lilac, mauve, cream and green are said to give Fancy Jasper a particularly soothing energy, especially of the mind. “Just Deal with it” could be the nickname for this stone. Said to be a powerful gazing stone for seeing the recent or ancient past.

Fancy Jasper is said to also facilitate the ability to focus on the NOW, instead of worrying about the future or feeling guilt about the past. It is said to enable one to enjoy life and have fun doing so.