#A17 Museum Quality Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood – Wedge Shaped End Cut


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#A17 Museum Quality Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Very Colorful – Wedge Shaped End Cut Slice Slab

This museum quality slice – slab of Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood is very beautiful and special. It is an end cut that is wedge shaped. This means that when the bottom is flat on a table or pedestal, the polished surface rises into the air as a slopped surface making it easy to view. This piece has colors red, yellow, orange, white, black, rust, browns and blues. This is a special piece since it looks to have been petrified at two different times with different color pallets in different areas of the rings. It is rare to see so well defined rings in Arizona petrified wood. This round is from the Rainbow Beds off private land near the Petrified Forest, in the vicinity of Holbrook, Arizona. Found in the Chinle Formation from the late Triassic period of the Mesozoic era. About 225 million years old.

At that time dinosaurs in this area were small, about the size of a man, but crocodile like species of Phytosaur were up to around 39 ft in length. Their fossils are found mixed in with the petrified wood.

Ideal as a display specimen for a collector or for healing, therapy, metaphysical or chacras. In healing petrified wood is said to aid memory, ease stiffness in joints, and bring stability in times of stress.

We are very selective when we purchase museum quality petrified wood. You will not see another piece like this one.

Size: 13 in x 10 in x 4 in at max thickness Note: thickness varies please see photos.

Weight: 12.6 lbs or 5.7 kg