#A22 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Showing Image of a Person Reaching for a Cross

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#A22 Special Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Displaying an all Natural Image of a Person Reaching for a Cross Surrounded by a Yellow Halo

We were digging through our stockpile of Arizona petrified wood looking for some nice pieces to add to our website and we came upon this one. Originally we were going to add it due to it’s wonderful colors. After about 3 days we realized that it had the image of a person reaching for a cross with a yellow halo from the person to the cross. Quite apparent and easy to see. Very rare to see all natural images in petrified wood. Especially one with religious meaning.

So we wish to sell this piece to someone spiritual who will truely appreciate this rarity!

Being difficult to put a fair value on a religious piece such as this we ask you to make an offer. We posted it on our website at $25,000.

Looking forward to seeing your fair offer.

Please note that this piece is 100% natural with no cutting, grinding, dyeing or any kind of manipulation. It truely is special item.

Weight: 4.75 oz or 137g

Size: 2.75″ x 1.75″ x 2″