#A29 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Showing Blue Grey on Rust Colors


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#A29 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Very Colorful

This Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood is very beautiful with a blue grey center and an outer area of red brown to rust colration. Very bright looking. This round is from the Rainbow Beds, near the Petrified Forest, in the vicinity of Holbrook, Arizona. Found in the Chinle Formation from the lateTriassic period of the Mesozoic era. About 225 million years old.

At that time dinosaurs in this area were small, about the size of a man, but crocodile like species of Phytosaur were up to around 39 ft in length. Their fossils are found mixed in with the petrified wood.

Ideal as a display specimen, for healing, therapy, metaphysical or chacras. In healing said to aid memory, ease stiffness in joints, and bring stability in times of stress. All the best colors yellow, reds, blue, black, cream. This is unpolished and yet displays the vividness you see in the photos.

Weight: 4 lb 10 oz or 2111g

Size: 8″ x 4.125″ x 4.125 in

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