#A41 Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Polished Slice Slab


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High Quality Polished Arizona Petrified Wood Slice – Slab

This is a very beautiful high quality Arizona rainbow petrified wood polished slice or slab. The colors are remarkable including rare vibrant yellows along with orange, rust, browns, whites and some tans. This is a very solid piece with a brilliant polish finish to one side. It is an ens piece and is somewhat wedge shaped. Opportunities for us offer pieces like this are becoming rare. An vibrant piece for your lighted mantel or display case. Looks great with direct lighting!


Formation: Chinle Formation

Geologic Period: Triassic from approximately 250 to 200 million years old

This round is from the Rainbow Beds, near the Petrified Forest, in the vicinity of Holbrook, Arizona.

Largest Length: Approximately 4 inches

Largest Width: Approximately 3.5 inches

Thickness: Approximately .875 inch

Weight: Approximately 7.25 oz or 209g

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Weight7.25 oz
Dimensions4 × .875 × 3.5 in