#AMZ1 Blue-Green Amazonte Crystal Specimen or for Healing, Therapy


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Beautiful Green Amazonte Crystal Specimen or for Healing, Therapy

Amazonite is a blue-green, semi-opaque variety of microcline, feldspar. Its brilliant color is attributed to the presence of lead or iron in its composition. Its color varies from greenish blue to light blue, to soft green, pink and yellow.The name amazonite is derived from Amazon River, however no Amazonite have actually been found there so presumably this stone is named to its resemblance in color to the green of the tropical rainforest. Due to having the same color, amazonite can be confused with chrysoprase, jade, serpentine, and turquoise.

Amazonite is found in India, Russia’s Ilmen Mountains, Australia, Namibia, Tanzania, USA (Colorado), and Brazil.

Weight: 4.625oz or 133g

Size: 2.5 in x 2 in x 1.5 in

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