#APA1 Blue Apatite Healing Therapy Stone or Display Specimen


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Apatite appears in many colors and forms often resembling other crystals. The most common examples are blue or green. Crystals have a cracked appearance beneath smooth surfaces. Apatite is brittle and easily scratched.

This beautiful blue apatite specimen is polished and shows excellent blue color. This stone would be excellent for healing therapy, chacras or as a display specimen. Free shipping!

Apatite is said to strengthen the physical structure of bones, teeth and muscle. Encourages a flexible attitude, activates intellect and deepens understanding. Helps us to create structure and reorganize aspects of our lives that need help. Can encourage awareness and perception.

Weight: 3.92 oz or 111g

Size: 2.125 in x 1.75 in x 1 in

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