#APA3 Blue Apatite 4 Pieces Gem Quality Facet Rough for Lapidary or Healing Therapy


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Apatite appears in many colors and forms often resembling other crystals. The most common examples are blue or green. Crystals have a cracked appearance beneath smooth surfaces. Apatite is brittle and easily scratched.

These 4 pieces are gem quality facet-able rough that a lapidary could turn into gemstones. Also excellent for healing therapy, chakras or as a display specimen.

Apatite is said to strengthen the physical structure of bones, teeth and muscle. Encourages a flexible attitude, activates intellect and deepens understanding. Helps us to create structure and reorganize aspects of our lives that need help. Can encourage awareness and perception.

Approximate Weight of the 4 Pieces: .0758 oz or 2.16 g or 10.75 ct

Approximate Size: .441″ x .229″ x .229″ or 11 x 5 x 5 mm largest piece; The others are a little smaller. See photos.

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