#BRJAS3 Brecciated Jasper with agate inclusions

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Jasper is typically found in veins and cracks in volcanic rocks, often together with chalcedony and agate. The cracks in volcanic rocks filled out by jasper often form during tectonic activity. Tectonic activity can go on for a long time, the cracks canl reopen again, the jasper can be shattered, and the voids in between the shattered rock canl be filled with more jasper. This is how brecciated jasper forms. Sometimes chalcedony and macrocrystalline quartz of different colors fills the voids in the shattered rock..

In crystal healing jasper was popular in the ancient world for its medicinal and spiritual values. It is said that jasper would drive away evil spirits and protect against snake and spider bites. In the 4th century, jasper was called inthe great rain bringer. in Medicinal values attributed to jasper include an ability to strengthen the stomach and provide cures to gynecological issues.

Brecciated jasper is also said to provide mental clarity and focus to its wearer. Brecciated jasper may help to increase organization and decrease stress.

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