#DOPL3 Yellow Golden Dendritic Opal – Kalgoorlie, Western Australia


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This is a large specimen of high quality yellow golden denritic opal from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. The yellow opal has the classic dendrites throughout the piece, giving rise to its other names of Dendritic Opal or Moss Opal. It is cut flat on the front face. Opal is visible on all sides except for a couple of areas showing a matrix rind. It is superb example of its type and is hard to find pieces of this quality and size now. It does not show opalescence and is a rare type of common opal.

The general definition of an opal is a hydrated silicone dioxide mineraloid mined from a rock fissure. Opals, no matter what type, contain no crystalline structure and are often made up of a certain percentage of water and microscopic silica spheres.

Dendritic Opal is considered a particularly attractive and magical gem. This earthy mineraloid draws the eye with its interesting milky coloring and plant-like metallic inclusions.

Dendritic Opal is said to produce an energy that promotes one’s physical and spiritual growth. The water and plant-like patterns in the opal are said to symbolize life and harmony and are thought to be nature’s way of giving self-awareness and clarity to the owner.

Weight: 2 lbs 12.75 oz or 1,272g

Size: 4.5 in x 5 in 3.75 in

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