#EM1 Emerald Specimen with High Chromium Content from Panjshir Valley Afganistan

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Remarkable specimen of many Panjshir Valley, Afganistan emerald crystals all grown together almost as a nodule on a matrix rock. A rare specimen for your jewelry box or as a cabinet display!

Panjshir emerals are found in the Hind Kush mountains of Afganistan runing along the 100 mile Panjshir valley and river. The emerald mines are located at elevations between approximately 7,000 and 14,300 ft. (2,135 and 4,270 m).Panjshir emerald crystals are commonly found in quartz or limestone. It is not unusual to find many small emerald crystals on a matrix rock as is demonstrated in this specimen.

A high chromium content causes Panjshir emeralds to have among the brightest green color of emeralds in the world!

Weight: 4.375 oz or 126g

Size: 2.25 in. x 1.75 in. x 1.75 in.

In crystal healing emerald is said to emit a green ray of energy and stimulate the heart chakra, bringing both emotional and physical benefits. The stone is said to promote truth, balance and harmony, leading to greater positivity and clearer thought processes.

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