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Green Petrified Wood (Chromium) is extremely rare. It was only found in a single deposit (treefall) near Winslow, Arizona that was unearthed in the 1970’s. This petrified wood originates from the Chinle Formation, Triassic era – and is approximately 220 – 200 million years old. This specimen was once a conifer tree (Araucarioxylon Arizonicum now extinct) that based upon other examples might have grown to near 200 feet tall with a width of approximately 6 to 8 feet. During the fossilization process, the organic matter from this tree was replaced with the element Chromium (Cr) giving it the rich green color which is the result of ~2% Chromium content. It also contains other minerals such as quartz. Only a small part of this tree was ever found, making this one of the rarest petrified woods in the world. Its closest relatives today are the Monkey Puzzle Tree of South America and the Norfolk Island Pine tree. This specimen came to us from an estate in Arizona.

This is a very solid piece. A lapidarist could easily polish the larger end of this piece to show the internal structure!

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Size: 2.25 in x 1 in x 1 in

Weight: 40.6g or 1.435 oz

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Weight1.435 oz
Dimensions2.25 × 1 × 1 in