Rare Holly Blue (Calapooia) Agate 70g: Said to Enhance Psychic Abilities #HBX6

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Holly Blue Agate comes from near Sweet Home, Oregon. It is found near and sometimes in the Calapooia River. Sometimes called Calapooia agate.

Holly Blue is supposed to be purple in color except for the original seam which was bluish. The mine site is on private timber land and is permanently CLOSED to the public.

This wonderful tumbled polished piece of holly blue agate displays deep purple colors with some yellows and is translucent! On two edges you can see some white banding. This stone shows several different shades of purple. Every time you look at it, you will have fun and see something cool! Be sure to zoom in on the photos! Good vibes for meditation!

We personally tumble polished this stone to ensure the best color and shape are displayed at the highest quality.

Metaphysical: Holly Blue agate is “said to carry the highest vibration of all the agates”. Also it is said to enhance ESP, dreaming lucid, being a medium, and other paranormal actions including hearing spirit guide promptings!

Perfect size to hold in your hand for meditation!

Approximate Weight: 70g or 350 ct

Approximate Size: 1.75 x 1.5 x 1.20 inches

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