#ISU1 category: Isua Greenstone Belt Palmstone of Healing Therapy or as a Display Specimen

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Isua, also known as the Isua Greenstone Belt, is a specific rock found near Nuuk, Greenland containing fossilized layers of algae and Iron. It is estimated to be around 3.7-3.8 billion years old. The fossilized layers of Isua are usually alternating in colors, between grey, black, tan, and beige.

As Isua Stone is such an extremely ancient stone it is said it’s energy resonates with the vibrations of ancient wisdom and knowledge and in meditation can help one ‘go within’ and connect to one’s past lives on Earth offering insight into one’s present life’s path. Its said this stone helps one to accept one’s physicality and supports one to feel secure in one’s physical vehicle when trying to understand what are one’s goals and needs in this lifetime.

This beautiful stone fits in your palm. It is great for healing therapy or as a display specimen.

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