#JADE1 The Dragon’s Egg – Rare Siberian Russian Jade Sculpture 110 lbs

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Name: The Dragon’s Egg

Material: Rare Siberian Russian Jade

13.75″ L x 12.75″ W x 13″ H • 34.92 cm L x 32.38 cm W x 33 cm H

110.3 lbs • 50.05 kg

We were lucky to find this very rare Siberian Rusian Jade boulder. It came from an estate sale in New England. The story is that it was originally purchased from Russia via a dealer – broker in New York City in the early 1970’s who had acquired a license to export jade from Rusiia; and also acquired a license to import Jade into the United States. A rare feat in the middle of the cold war. An expert in Jade told us that there was a dealer in NYC named Goldstein during that time who indeed was selling Russian Jade. The boulder sat on that estate from the 1970’s until it was recently sold.

We purchased this jade rough and unpolished and took several years to decide how to treat it. Finally based upon the coloration variances we carved it to the shape it now has. The sculpture was then polished twice to get the fine finish you see on it. It has translucent areas in the center that light up green when a light is shined into the piece. The outer area is opaque and has wonderful color variation in it also. After much time looking at it we concluded the center of the sculpture resembles a Jade egg yolk. So we named this piece the The Dragon’s Egg. Hopefully Moma is not looking for it!

We have 3 additional boulders of this rare material we are working on. If you wish you can inquire about the other 3 as well. They will be sold as a 3 piece sculpture. Artist / Sculptors are S.E. Goller and M.D. Goller

We will consider offers on this sculpture. Contact us at [email protected]