#JASPBIG3 Old Stock Biggs Creek Picture Jasper Slice

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Blue Biggs Jasper is a silicated volcanic ash. It was formed during a volcanic eruption and is part of a Miocene series of rocks called the John Day Formation, near Biggs, Oregon, USA. Blue Biggs and Brown Biggs Jasper were discovered around 1965 when Hwy 97 was cut through Biggs Canyon. Many people attempted to extract this material before the road was completed. Surrounding areas were also searched. Several outcroppings were found, but most of the mines are now depleted or closed down. Jasper is an opaque and impure variety of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Jasper is a dense substance, up to twenty percent of which can be made of foreign materials. Due to these trace impurities, jasper is rarely uniform. You can see this in the beautiful layering in Blue Biggs Jasper.

Blue Biggs was and is the rarer variety and is therefore much more expensive.

9″ x 7″ x 1/8″ thick

8 ozs or 230 g