#KBB4 Kambaba or Crocodile Jasper Specimen or Crystal Healing Therapy Stone

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Kambaba Jasper is a sedimentary stone consisting of microcrystalline Quartz and a primordial form of blue-green algae – you may be familiar with these ancient fossils as they comprise the stone Stromatolite. Formed in Madagascar and South Africa. Kambaba Jasper was originally called Green Stromatolite Jasper and now goes by the trade name Kambaba or Crocodile Jasper.

Kambaba Jasper in crystal healing is said to be a stone of peace, tranquility, and fertility. With orbs and swirls of green and black, this stone is commonly used to aid in meditation. Kambaba Jasper is said to remove blockages in the heart and base chakras to dispel worry and negativity, and allow a clear path for clarity and serenity to flow.

Weight: 11.625 oz or 331g

Size: 2.25 in x 2.25 in x 1.875 in

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