#KYA16 Kentucky Agate Slice Section – White, Grey, Brown and Tan


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Fantastic white, grey, brown and tan section of rare central Kentucky Agate!

Kentucky agates are rare in that they form in sedementary rock. They appear to be originally crinoid heads, brachipods and other fossils in the limestone that had been expanded by evaporate minerals. The evaporate minerals were dissolved leaving behind the voids for any minerals such as chalcedony to fill in later. Most central Kentucky agates display fractures on the inner agate from how they formed and geologic changes to the area over time. Typical colors are yellow, black, white and bluish-gray while the agates with brighter colors like red, pink purple, green show up from time to time. The black and red color combo is considered a desirable and is the most expensive.

This piece is very solid overall. Careful examination shows some banding along the white central area of the piece! A freeform cabochon could be cut. Or a hole could be drilled in this piece and a leather necklace run throught the hole for natural look jewelry! This piece is cut and polished. Great specimen for any collector or a lapidarist.

Weight: 1.375 oz or 42g

Size: 2.25 in x 1.375 in 1 in

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