#R22 Rose Quartz Healing Therapy Stone

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Rose quartz is renowned for its wonderful pink tone. Rose quartz’ color ranges from pale pink to deep reddish pink. Impurities of titanium or manganese that give Rose Quartz this hue, also prevents the growth of large individual crystals in the stone. It’s clarity can range from opaque to translucent to transparent althought the transparent pieces tend to be foggy. This polished piece is ideal for healing therapy or as a beautiful display specimen.

Rose quartz is said to be a stone of Love. Meditating with this stone is said to radiate love energy around the meditator. This stone is said to be great in your sleeping room or any room in your house to keep up levels of gentle energy. Fantastic to wear or keep at work as well.

Important Note: The photo shows an example piece of our inventory. We will select one for you, but it may differ in shape, size or color from the photo example. We only stock quality pieces so rest assured you will be very happy with your new therapy stone.

Approximate Weight: between 9 to 10 oz

Approximate Size: 3″ to 2.5″ X 2″ to 3″″ X 1.75″ to 2.5″ Each piece is Unique!

You will receive one piece of Rose Quartz for this price.