#SC3 Sonora Sunrise Sunset Slab -Slice -Chrysocolla, Cuprite, Metals


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UnPolished Sonora Sunrise Sunset Slab -Slice -Chrysocolla, Cuprite, Metals

This Sonora Sunrise Sunset slice or slab is comprised of Chrysocolla (green and turquoise colors), Cuprite (reds and oranges) and tenorite(black). Also some metals are in this piece as it shows a metalic shine in areas. Could also have some Malachite mixed in the Chrysocolla, but hard to tell for certain. Ideal as a display specimen on your stand. Very colorful!

This is very rare material with no new discoveries in past 5 years at the Milpillas Mine in Mexico.

Sonora Sunrise shares healing properties from the Chrysocolla snd Cuprite in it. It is said to cure the throat and lungs and relieve stress and anxiety. It is an ideal healing stone.

Weight: 2.25 oz or 64g

Size: 3.75″ x 2.375″ x .1875″

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