#SD5 Sodalite Display Specimen, or Lapidary or Crystal Healing Therapy


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This is a beautiful unpolished specimen of sodalite. Sodalite is a member of a mineral group known as infeldspathoids. in They are rare aluminosilicate minerals that contain abundant calcium, potassium, or sodium. Sodalite rarely forms crystals and appears most often in massive or granular habits. Sodalite is mainly blue or grey but can be white, yellowish, reddish or even greenish. Sodalite is found in Canada, Italy, India, Brazil and the USA.

In crystal healing it is said increase intuitive thoughts, encourage calming of the mind during meditation, bring out the truth, help a person stand up for themself, remove fear and banish guilt.

Weight: 1 lb 14.25 oz or 860g

Size: 4.5 in x 4.7 in x 2.75 in

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