#SHJ1 Shell Jasper Mineral Specimen


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Shell Jasper goes by many names. It is also known as Shell Marble, Sea Shell Jasper and in China as “Thousand Eye Stone”. Although Shell Jasper is marketed as jasper, it is actually marble, a metamorphic limestone, with a compact and crystalline texture that can be polished to a high gloss. It has beautiful mottled black, white, and gray colored patterns that appear as a conglomerate group of fossils.Shell Jasper can be found in Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Pakistan.

Shell Jasper is said to create serenity and satisfaction while providing stability and protection. It is said to offer vigor on the physical, emotional and mental plane which in turn helps people to establish a very practical & safe spiritual connection. It is said to help to overcome resignation, and help us defend against oppression. Siad to improve constant unhappiness.

Approximate Weight: between 9 to 11 oz

Approximate Size: 3″ to 2.5 X 3″ to 2″ X 2.5″ to 1.5″ Each piece is Unique!

Price is for one piece.

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Weight11 oz
Dimensions3 × 2.5 × 3 in