#TURT1 Turritella Agate Containing Fossilized Snails


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This is a beautiful lapidarist’s block of Turritella agate. Purchased from an estate. Snail shells appear throughout the block. A white area was painted on the backside of the piece for the lapidarist to notate this inventory piece. It can easily be sanded off if so desired.

Turritella Agate is the popular name used for a brown, translucent to semi-transparent, fossiliferous agate found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming. It is very easy to recognize because it contains large fossil snails that stand out in a white-to-tan color that contrasts with the brownish agate.

Weight: 1 lb 6 oz or 627g

Size: 3.5 in x 2.5 in x 2 in

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