#UNA1 Unakite Granite


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Unakite is a coarse-grained granitic rock that, after metamorphism, contains abundant pink orthoclase and pistachio-green epidote and often colorless quartz. During metamorphism, plagioclase in the granite is replaced by epidote to produce a rock composed primarily of green epidote, pink orthoclase, and clear to bluish-gray quartz. Unakite may also contain minor amounts of magnetite, chromite, ilmenite, apatite, zircon, and other minerals.Sometimes called Unakite jasper. Unakite is a semiprecious gemstone.

Unakite is used in the front steps of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. It is inexpensive, abundant and a strong material, allowing it to be used in achitectural projects.

Unakite is said to be able to raise the vibration of bodies and emotions and release negative emotions and habbitual thoughts. Supports the long term purging of toxic energies possibly from the celular level as well as the whole body. Said to teach “anything worth having is worth waiting for”.

Approximate Weight: between 9 to 11 oz

Approximate Size: 3″ to 2.5 X 3″ to 2″ X 2.5″ to 1.5″ Each piece is Unique!

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