#VAR2 – Huge Old Variscite Nugget From Peacock Mine in NV


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Here we offer a beautiful minty green and black Variscite nugget. This was purchased by us as part of a lapidarist’s estate. It looks like old Peacock Mine Variscite from Nevada.

Variscite is a hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral. It is a relatively rare phosphate mineral that is formed by phosphate rich water deposits that react with aluminum rich rocks in a near-surface environment. It occurs as fine-grained masses in nodules, cavity fillings, and crusts. Variscite often may contain white veins of the mineral Crandallite (a calcium aluminum phosphate mineral).

This piece has a naturally formed twist to it’s shape. It sparkles as if polished, but our best guess is it may have a thin coating of epoxy or similar on it to give it that shine. Looks great or a lapidarist can sand it off for you.. It is a great display specimen in any collection. Can be wire wrapped or drilled to make a great penndant. A lapidarist may have other ideas.

Weight: 1.25 oz or 37 g

Size: 2.125 in x 1.125 in x .875 in

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