Green Chromium Winslow AZ Petrified Wood

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The different colors found in petrified wood are directly related to the groundwater chemistry which produces petrified wood. Other factors which influence the color include the location of the petrified wood, the exact way it becomes petrified, and what the layers above the petrifying wood are composed of. All these factors affect what colors and the pattern the colors form in the petrified wood.

Different colors in petrified wood often correspond to the presence of specific minerals, for example: red and orange correspond to the presence of iron; yellow corresponds to iron or possibly uranium; blue corresponds to copper, manganese, cobalt or chromium. The color green is rar in petrified wood and can reflect the presence of iron, copper, cobalt, uranium, nickel or chromium. The most famous green petrified wood (a specific shade of green) which we specialize in, comes from a tree fall in Winslow, Arizona which reflects the presence of chromium, and is highly desired by collectors.

Please contact us if you are interested in green petrified wood as we do not post our entire catalog of this material online.