#JX4 Sculpture of Very Rare Siberian Russian Jade – 97.9 lbs

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Sculpture of Very Rare Siberian Russian Jade

Title: Dragon’s Breath

Sculpture of Rare Siberian Russian Jade

Artists: S.E. Goller snd M.D. Goller

Sculpted in USA

13.5″L x 8″W x 11.5″H or

34.29 cm L x 20.32 cm W x 29.21 cm H

97.9 lbs   44.4 kg

This beautiful contemporary polished sculpture was created to display the natural color variation of the Siberian jade boulder and also texture differences depending on which side of the sculpture you view it. In the photos you will see the rear of the sculpture was left unformed and unpolished with the intention that this sculpture will be placed on a pedestal in a location where a person can walk around it 360 degrees and be able to contemplate its different looks on each side. This jade is partially translucent. It was polished on the bottom so as to not scratch a tabletop. This is probably the 2nd largest piece of Siberian jade in USA. See our other listing for the largest.

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Additional information

Weight1726.4 oz
Dimensions20 × 16 × 16 in