#AMXY1 Very Rare Brandburg Amethyst & Smoky Quartz Crystal Showing Dagaz Rune, Fenster Windows, Complex Internal Crystal Growth


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Here we offer another rare and unusual specimen. This Brandburg Namibia crystal is partially amethyst and partially smoky quartz. In addition this specimen grew in layers that seemed to be coated with another mineral before additional quartz was laid down on the specimen creating odd inner crystal growth. Importantly this crystal has a naturaly occuring dagaz rune inside the crystal and displays fenster windows! The unique internal structure of this crystal formed as a result of unstable conditions during crystalization. Please see the photos.


Largest Length: 4.75 in / 12.065 cm

Largest Width: 2.25 in / 5.715 cm

Largest Height: 1.1 in / 2.794 cm

Approximate Weight: 8.75 oz / 248.0583 g

Additional information

Weight8.75 oz
Dimensions4.75 × 2.25 × 1.1 in