#IM17 Iron Meteorite Purchased as part of a High End Quartz & Crystals Collection of a Fine Artist – 6850g


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This iron meteorite was purchased as part of collection of crystals and rocks from a fine artist who passed away. Unfortunately the label showing what infall in it was part of, was not found. We had several experts look at this meteorite in person. This iron meteorite is strongly magnetic. We polished a tiny area of this meteorite and tested it for nickel content. This meteorite tested positive for nickel as we expected!

Since we are uncertain as to where in the world this large meteorite fell, we are selling it as “Iron Unclassified – Fall Location Unknown”. And we are offering a significant discount as such. A great deal on such a large meteorite!

Approximate Weight: 15.1 lbs or 6.85kg

Approximate Size: 6.5 inches x 5.25 inches x 4 inches

This iron meteorite comes with FREE SHIPPING!

Additional information

Weight241.6 oz
Dimensions6.5 × 5.25 × 4 in