#WQ5 Rare Self Healed Lightbrary Light Library With Hematite & More! 17.1 lbs

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This huge beautiful quartz crystal has many important characteristics:

1. This is a lightbrary light libray crystal. When you look at the translucent crystal faces of the piece, but at an angle from the side, it appears you can see layer after layer after layer of crystal growth… each layer and indivicual akashic record.

2. There is a triangle in a triangle on the largest daughter crystal.

3. The small crystal on top of the largest crystal looks to be self healed with a partial greenish inclusion probably of chlorite.

4. The transparent face of the largest crystal displays white wisps and phantom crystal faces. Along one edge is rainblow bubble.

5. On the side that was attached to matrix you will see black speckeles that sometimes sparkle. They almost look like they were sprayed on to the crystal. We think this is black specular hematite. If you look from the bottom and one side it looks like there is a black inclusion probably of hematite too. Some chalcopyrite on there too. The gold color in the attached matrix is probably hematite as well.

In conclusion we can only say that this is a very very special crystal for someone who looks beyond 1st impressions! The more you observe, the more you see!! As it should be!

Approximate weight: 17.1 lbs 7.75 kg

Approximate size: 8 x 4.4 x 9.2 inches

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Weight320 oz
Dimensions12 × 8 × 14 in